I am an artisan practitioner of long-form written storytelling—novels.

The Anasazi of North America and other cultures that collapse particularly inspire me. Societies that collapse must at least compel us to tell stories about how it might have happened, and how it could happen again.

This site is where I record and organize my research and ideas about the Anasazi and cultures that collapse, and all the extended metaphors I can derive from that.

Why the Anasazi? The more I study and think about the Anasazi and other similar cultures, the more I realize their stories contain every scrap of human drama imaginable.

Welcome to my Anasazi-inspired worlds!

Jeff Posey

Where to start?

Author Notes

My thoughts on the Anasazi and cultures that collapse. And whatever else I want to keep organized and commemorated here.

Anasazi Timeline

How I get the time context of the Anasazi straight in my mind.

Jeff's Books

All my books in one place. (All my other curated collections of books are here.)